Infrared Window Tint

Did you know most of the heat coming through your glass is Infrared?

The heat coming through your glass is basically comprised of three sources; Ultraviolet light, Visible Light, and Infrared. The largest percentage of heat passing through your glass (56%) is in the form of infrared. Infrared Window Tint specifically targets infrared heat, and can effectively block up to 77% of infrared heat. Without Infrared technology, your tint can not offer you maximum protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Color Stable


Window Film

Color Stable Nano-Carbon

3M Color Stable Targets Infrared Heat

This Carbon based film specifically blocks infrared heat. Infrared heat is the largest percentage of heat entering your glass. 3M Color Stable is also a non-reflective film, so you won't get that shiny mirror look.

3M Color Stable Offers 99% Ultraviolet Ray Protection 

3M Color Stable prevents 99% of harmful UV rays from penetrating the windows of vehicles it is installed on.


Carbon Nano-Particle Window Tint Will Not Fade

3M Color Stable utilizes nano carbon technology and will not fade over time.

With it’s 99% UV protection capabilities, customers can expect their newly installed 3M Color Stable window tint to look fresh for a long time.


Non-Metal 3M Nano-particle Does Not Interfere with Technology Signals

Another cool feature of 3M Color Stable is that they don’t interfere with cell phone, radio, or navigation system signals. 

Color Stable 5

Light Transmitted


UV Rejected


Total Energy Rejected


Color Stable 20

Light Transmitted


UV Rejected


Total Energy Rejected


Color Stable 35

Light Transmitted


UV Rejected


Total Energy Rejected