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Our Warranty

Peace of Mind... It's what a warranty should be all about!

All Ceramic Automotive window film installations come with a *Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes fading!

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All ceramic automotive films we install are covered by a *limited lifetime manufacturers warranty. These warranties from the manufacturer cover things such as bubbling, peeling, and delaminating.

However, since our ceramic films contain no dye, they also include a warranty against fading and discoloration!


residential tint warranty

All residential films installed by Fletch Window Tint are covered by a manufacturers *limited lifetime warranty. Things such as film failure, adhesive failure, or fading are typically covered. 


Because commercial windows are exposed to more wear and tear than residential ones, our commercial films come with a *10-15 year limited manufacturers warranty. Bubbling, cracking, peeling, delamination, and fading are all covered under the warranty.

commercial tint warranty
*For complete terms and conditions of our limited lifetime warranty please contact us at