Solar Control Film

Fletch Window Tint offers Solar Control Films in an extensive range of shades and materials. Our films deliver up to 30% in energy cost savings, with a payback period of as little as 3 years. We also offer an extensive choice of anti-glare films in a wide range of shades and tints. We can stop up to 90% of glare and harmful UV rays in your commercial workplace.

Do you want privacy or visual security for the windows in your property?  Here at  Fletch  Window Tint, we have an extensive range of Privacy Film available, to help you achieve the exact level of privacy you require for you and your commercial properties.

Privacy Film

Safety Film

Our Safety Film for windows is tested and approved to International Standards.  With Safety Film the shattered glass is held in place, reducing chances of injury. Hail and windstorms can cause windows to shatter into fragments, sending shards of flying glass into the room. Safety Film holds broken window glass in place, reducing chances of injury.

Security Film

With Fletch Window Tint,  Security Film is available in a wide range of thicknesses to protect against intruders, vandals, and even terrorist or industrial explosions. It can be applied to existing glass and windows cost-effectively, with very minimal disruption.