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Residential Window Tint Service in San Antonio
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What Can 3M
Window Tint
Do For Your Home?

3M residential window tinting in San Antonio has scientifically proven to reduce fading furniture and flooring, provide heat rejection near your windows, and lower energy costs, 3M™ Sun Control Window Film can help improve your experience where it matters most – in the comfort of your own home. As a 3M™ Prestige Dealer, we are authorized to offer a variety of film options, including 3M™’s top-tiered products: 3M™ Window Film, Prestige Series, and Thinsulate Series. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Large residential Window tinting done in San Antonio

San Antonio Residential window tinting for your home

Fletch Window Tint has been installing residential window tinting in properties for nearly 30 years. We are constantly working closely with homeowners, property managers & landlords to enhance comfort, window protection, and preservation of interior furniture, by applying residential window film.


Windows are the best way to invite the beauty of the outdoors indoors. But along with incredible views, they also bring in the heat and the cold. Temperature shifts due to untreated windows can drive up your energy bills as you’re forced to crank the air conditioner or run the furnace just to stay comfortable. Products like 3M™ AFFINITY 15% can reject up to 83% of the suns’ energy! Not to mention, excess glare is an inconvenience when you’re trying to work or relax.

Stop hiding behind curtains and blinds, and soak up the sun. UV window tint lets in the sunshine but obstructs the glare. By reducing glare by 87%, the tinting makes it easier for you to work on your computer or watch TV. And at the same time, our residential window tinting is so micro-thin, you can take in the view without affecting your view.

save energy in your home with residential window tinting


We offer an extensive range of Anti-Glare Window Film, which can help reduce the glare from the sun passing through your windows. With a wide choice of tints and strengths, you can be sure to find the right film to solve your glare problem – and look good too.

Privacy Window Tint in San Antonio

We offer an extensive range of Privacy Window Film to enable you to find just the right one for your particular needs. We have films to transform your existing clear glass into the patterned glass of your choice. 

Frost Window Film

Create light-filled rooms in your San Antonio home that shield you from neighbors and passersby using privacy window film. Have our privacy window film installed in any room of the house. Privacy window film is the modern window covering solution you’ve been looking for!

Home Security Film in San Antonio

Security Window Film is available in a range of thicknesses to provide protection against intruders, thieves, and vandals. We offer optically clear scratch resistant films and also reflective versions in various tints to provide additional visual security. The combined security films cost only marginally more than the optically clear versions.

San Antonio Safety Film For Homes

Safety Window Film applied to glass will make it more difficult for the glass to shatter and, if it does shatter, will hold the glass together to prevent injury from broken shards. All of our window films are tested and approved to International Standards. Glass treated with this film is rendered compliant with health and safety regulations and will provide the same level of protection as heat strengthened, toughened, and laminated glass manufactured for this purpose.

How Much Does Residential Window Film Cost in San Antonio?

Several factors impact the cost of installation.

Most people associate window film with car window tinting. However, applying window tint or film on home windows has benefits, such as energy savings, increased privacy, higher curb appeal, and better security. Old windows, in particular, benefit from tinting that blocks heat and UV radiation.

Residential window tinting typically costs between $7 and $19 per square foot of glass for an average cost of $30 to $114 per 6-square-foot window. This cost guide breaks down window tinting pricing details so you’ll know what to expect.

What Factors Determine The Cost?

Several factors determine cost. The two primary factors are the project size and the installation’s difficulty.

The size of the project: Both the size and number of windows will determine the overall cost of your window film installation.

The difficulty of the installation: The height of the windows from the ground and the need for ladders or lifts are essential considerations. The window and frame’s condition, whether new or old, also plays a role. Removing old window film can add to the complexity and cost of the installation. Additionally, if any of the windows are old, odd shaped, or small French pane windows, they will require special attention and more time for installation. These factors can affect the overall cost of the project.

residential window film cost breakdown

Window Film Cost Table Breakdown

Privacy Film (3M Fasara) Privacy film Creates “etched” or “frosted” appearance Does not block light $8-$70
Security Film            (3M Scotchshield and Ultra Series)   Shatter-resistant Increase the strength of glass $9 – $13 plus
Solar Film  (3M Night Vision and Affinity Series) Blocks sun’s heat Blocks UV rays Often contains metals/considered a metalized film $8 – $15 plus
Spectrally Selective (Prestige and Ceramic Series) Filters out heat and UV rays Does not tint or darken the glass $13 – $18 plus

Things That Can Affect The Cost Of Home Window Film In San Antonio

The table above is intended as a general cost guide and the price is subject to vary. Several factors can affect the cost of home window film in San Antonio. 

We offer square footage discounts depending upon the amount of window film we install. The per square foot price to have our installation team come onsite and install film on one window is substantially higher than installing window film on several windows.

The need for special equipment like ladders, scaffolding or lifts can also increase the cost. The setup and tear down, rental fees and extra time required when working from this type of equipment does increase the price.

The removal of existing film is a time consuming and difficult process. Care must be taken not to damage window frames or existing glass when removing existing window film.

Moving furniture or blind removal is also a factor in price. Our installers are always happy to lend a hand, however the removal of blinds and or drapes, the moving of furniture and resetting of furniture also can be time consuming. Many homeowners choose to do this themselves if needed. Our installers need 2 to 3 feet in front of the windows to work. Depending upon how the blinds or drapes are installed they may not require removal at all. This is something the estimator can help you determine when he or she performs a home visit.

What Are The Disadvantages of Tinting Your House Windows?

While there are some clear benefits to tinting house windows, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider, including:

Cost. Depending on the type and quality of window film you choose, installing home window film on your house windows can be fairly expensive. On average in San Antonio, the average 2500 square foot home can range between $2000.00 to $5000.00 depending on the film and the complexity of the installation. One important fact is window film can pay for itself over time through energy savings.

Durability. All 3M home window films come with a standard lifetime warranty, however window film can be damaged. Things like scratches or physical damage are typically not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Limited Visibility While most types of window film allow you to see through them when looking from inside your home to the outside world, depending upon the type of home window film installed they can make it more difficult to see outside. When looking from the street into your home. However, if privacy is desired then residential window film is a great choice. It is important to note that window films like 3M Prestige are great at blocking heat in virtually clear shades, so if darkening your windows is not desirable there are a wide variety of window films that are effective in light shades.

Can’t Be Removed Easily Once window film is installed on your house windows, it’s not easy (or cheap) to remove. As such, it’s important to be sure you’re happy with the look of the film before having it installed. Most homeowners in choose to leave installation to a professional.

How To Choose The Best Home Window Film For Your Home In San Antonio

To choose the right window film for your home, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Evaluate Your Window Film Goals
  2. Compare Performance Characteristics
  3. Determine Aesthetics
  4. Request an In-Home Estimate
  5. Select the Correct Window Film
  6. Select the Best Residential Window Tinting Professional

Evaluate Your Window Film Goals

Since each window film product has a unique benefit, you’ll need to first evaluate personal objectives and needs. 

This will help you to determine what product is right for you. Once you’ve identified goals, a certified dealer can help guide you through the decision process.

For consumers living in areas prone to weather-related damage, security window film might be the best option. However, a window film with UV blocking technology would be a good choice for those wanting to help protect interiors from sun fading.

Compare Performance Characteristics

Depending on your original goals, you’ll need to examine different performance qualities. Consumers wanting to apply energy-efficient window film will want to explore a spec sheet provided by the manufacturer. 

The higher the Visible Light Transmission (VLT), the better the efficiency. Additionally, low U-values typically yield more energy savings in colder months.

Before beginning the installation process, it is important to find a trained dealer to help you compare product performance. The more experienced the dealer, the better they can recommend suitable window film products for your home.

Determine Aesthetics

While functionality is an important factor when choosing an energy-efficient window film product, aesthetics should also be considered. Plan ahead if there is a specific characteristic that would best compliment your home. This includes reflectivity, clarity, bronzing, or another shading feature.

Request in-home estimate

The last step before making the final decision on window film products is to compare in-home estimates. Once you’ve chosen one or two brands of film, have a trained dealer further assess the home and give you a quote for film and installation. Once you receive this quote, you can use it to determine energy savings. Additionally, online tools can help you determine estimated energy savings.

choosing the right window film for your San Antonio home

Selecting the Correct Window Film

To simplify the window film selection process our team is trained to understand all the issues pertaining to installing a window film on certain glass and window applications. 

We can advise you of all the factors and risks to ensure you lessen the chances of any complications. Our in home estimators have decades of experience guiding homeowners through the process and will provide you with expert advice in determining the right home window film for you!

Selecting Your Window Film Professional

When narrowing down your list of installers, seek out installers who have as many of the following qualifications as possible:

  • Have been certified or otherwise honored by window film producers*
  • Are A+ Accredited members of the Better Business Bureau
  • Have been in business for many years
  • Offer a written warranty on product and labor
  • Are insured and bonded


Are highly rated on websites like Goggle Reviews  , SOTELLUS and other review services.

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