How to Choose The Best Window Tints For Your Car

Learn how to choose the best window tints for your car by reading this article. Just make sure that you’re aware of the window tinting laws in your area before you make the commitment!

Window tints for your car do more than make your ride look good. They protect your vehicle from wear-and-tear.

Did you know that tinting blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays? This means your vehicle not only keeps the heat out, it shields your car from damage caused by the sun.

If you want to keep your car in prime condition, tinted windows are something you shouldn’t overlook.

Choose window tint carefully, because not all tinted windows are alike. This article will introduce you to the different varieties of window tints, window tint laws and how to choose the best window tints for your car or truck.

1. How Tinted Windows Offer Protection

Choosing the best window tints for your car first requires you to know how they protect your vehicle and your body. We know tinted windows block harmful rays that fade your dashboard, but they do other things as well.

The Best Window Tints for Your Car Decrease Fading

The sun’s rays can make your car look old and worn fast. The effect happens faster if you live in a state like Florida that has year-round sunshine.

Those strong rays can affect the wear and tear of your vehicle, making the upholstery fade and look old.

Even when you have top quality upholstery, it’s no match for the strong UV rays of the sun. Your seats will fade, and unfortunately, fading will decrease your car’s resale value.

Installing a good quality window tint will stop the fading, cutting out the sun’s strong UV rays.

Tinted Windows Keep You Cool

Another benefit is window tint heat reduction. Tinted windows will keep you and your car cool because they block out a lot of the heat from getting inside your car. If you reside in a hot climate, this makes your ride more pleasurable.

Your car won’t be an inferno when after a day of shopping, a business meeting, school or doing errands in the daytime.

Window Tint Film For Cars Protect Your Skin

Ever burn your left arm or the left side of your body driving in the strong sun? It’s obvious that UV rays can burn your skin, too. Having well-tinted windows will shield you from those strong UV rays.

If you spend a reasonable amount of time driving or drive long distances for work or play, you might want to invest in quality window tints for your car.

You Get More Privacy With Better Window Tinting

It’s difficult for other drivers or pedestrians to peer into your car when you have the best window tints. This gives you more privacy and security while you’re on the road.

2. Choose the Best Window Tints For Your Car By Knowing The Types

Manufacturers make window tint films out of a variety of materials. To choose the right window tints, it’s essential to know their construction or what they’re made from.

Knowing the different window tint can help you make the best choice. You don’t want to choose the wrong type of window tint and have to remove them because it’s against the law.


Films made from infrared provide good heat and UV ray protection. But what’s good about them is they offer high visibility. This means you can see well through them.

It won’t make your windows too dark, which is ideal for certain states that carry strict window tinting rules. Infrared films are also durable, so they last a long time without chipping or peeling.


On the upside, metallic films offer strong blockage and a high resistance from the sun’s rays. The film also gives your car a shiny appearance that looks amazing.

On the downside, because they’re made out of metal they can block the signal from your mobile phone. It also can mess up your GPS device. If you rely on GPS or phone apps to get around town and beyond, metallic films aren’t the best choice.

If you know your route and don’t mind dropped calls, metallic films for your tinted windows make a good choice.


Films made from ceramic offer the most effective and efficient technology today. They’re not made from metal which makes them media-friendly and they offer strong SPF above 800.


Carbon films last a long time. They’re durable and designed to beat the no-signal issue.

Since they’re not made from metal, they don’t affect GPS navigation or cell phone use. Carbon films also block higher UV rays and more heat than other car tint films.

Coating Tints

Coating tints can be a hassle to apply because you have to remove the entire window before using the spray.

Few businesses work with coating tints and it’s not something you can do on your own. For quality and ease of installation, it’s best to use something other than coating tints unless you’re an expert.

OEM Tinting

OEM tinting is built into the windows. The problem is that it only cuts down on a small percentage of heat, it has no effect on Infrared heat or UV. Much like the coating, choose one of the other options.

3. Know Your Car Window Tinting Laws

It’s important to know your state’s window tinting laws. Some states have more restrictive laws than others.

You need to know how dark your window tints can be. Check your region because in some states the laws differ by regions or by the county in that state.

If your car tinting doesn’t follow the law you can receive a ticket and at worst, have to remove your tints.

4. Know the Laws In The States You Visit

Visiting some states usually doesn’t present an issue. Yet when you travel to states with stricter tinting laws, law enforcement might pull you over.

States such as Utah and Ohio do fine travelers that have darker windows than the law dictates. Make sure and research the state you will visit. Perhaps someone else can do the driving.

5. Costs

While costs can vary, most window tinting can cost up to $800. If you have an old car that doesn’t seem like it’s going to run much longer it might be better to wait until you buy a new one.

Final Thoughts On The Best Window Tints For Your Car

Now you’re armed with some good facts to help you choose the best window tints for your car for a ride in style and substance.

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