Window Film Trends In 2019

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Film Trends In 2019 Window film has become an essential for automotive owners. Easily, the number 1 aftermarket item added to a vehicle. In areas of the country where hot climates prevail, window film is the rule. Here in San Antonio, it can be a challenge to spot a car without window film applied. As […]

6 Benefits of Residential Window Film

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Residential window films offer a myriad of benefits—from energy savings, to safety, to UV protection, to decorative enhancements—and professional window tinting installation companies are able to match each client with the best film to address his or her needs. Not only an aesthetics-minded choice, window tinting film offers these sought-after benefits. 1. Energy Efficiency One […]


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Keeping informed about tint laws in Texas is a good idea. Laws can change and it is our aim to keep our readers up to date. 2018 came and went pretty quickly for some of us. It’s time to think about new year’s resolutions and any thing we want to change in 2019. One thing […]

Window Tint or Shades – Making The Right Choice

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Let’s face it, the glare from the sun can make life down right uncomfortable. Whether at the office or at home, glare can be a major nuisance. Finding the best way to deal with it can be a challenge. There are a few things to consider when trying to darken the sunshine. Both roller shades […]

Understanding Residential Window Tint and How It Works

Window Tint Installation

Understanding how heat enters your windows is important when it comes to deciding which window tint will work best for you. Window tint can be an effective tool in combatting high energy costs, but before deciding on what film works best it is important to understand how residential window tint works, and more importantly how […]

Residential Window Tinting In 2018 – You Simply Can’t Do Without It!


There are lot of things in life that we need. Food, water, shelter…all life’s necessities. If I told you that you need window tinting in your home you might think I’m crazy. My sanity set aside, residential window tinting really is something every home needs. Before you have me visiting my local psychiatrist, let’s look […]

2018 Texas Window Tint Laws Explained

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Texas Window Tint Laws Explained- Part one of a three part series explaining Texas tint laws The Texas summer heat can be downright brutal. In fact that’s one reason that window tint is the number one after market accessory for automobiles in the Lone Star State. So given window tint’s popularity, the State of Texas […]

Texas Tint Laws In 2018 – What you need to Know

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Texas Tint Laws Explained – How Dark Is Too Dark? Part two of a three part series explaining Texas tint laws While the sun might shine bright in Texas, people are sometimes still in the dark when it comes to Texas window tint laws. It seems many motorists are still unclear as to what is […]

2018 Texas Tint Laws Explained – Sunroofs, Trucks and SUV’s

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Updated: Jul 2, 2020 The final blog in a three part series explaining Texas tint laws Part three is the final part in our series about tint laws in Texas. In this blog we will explore sunroof tinting, and tinting over privacy glass commonly found on SUV’s and trucks. So the what about the application of […]