Window Tint or Shades – Making The Right Choice

Let’s face it, the glare from the sun can make life down right uncomfortable.

glare reduction

Whether at the office or at home, glare can be a major nuisance. Finding the best way to deal with it can be a challenge. There are a few things to consider when trying to darken the sunshine. Both roller shades and window tint can offer different advantages.

Window tint can be a great reducer of glare. But glare is not the only thing window tint will effectively reduce. Heat and destructive UV can also be greatly reduced with window film. Window tint can also be great for offering daytime privacy, however one drawback with window tint is nightime privacy can be hard to acheive. Unlike roller shades however, window tint will hardly restrict your view.

Well What About Roller Shades?

Roller shades also have thier benefits and disadvantages. Roller shades are great for both daytime and nightime privacy.

motorized roller shades

A major drawback however is that roller shades always block your view when they are down.

Roller shades also are not the best choice for blocking heat. Roller shades only block light, which is not the greatest heat source entering through glass. Infrared heat is the largest portion of heat coming through your glass and only window film can address that.

One advantage with roller shades is they do offer great privacy at night, and if you are intent on blocking out maximum light, while getting the ultimate in privacy, then roller shades are going to be your best choice.

Roller shades can also be matched to your decor and come in all kinds of shades and variations. These motorized shades which we recently installed in a home in Alamo Heights, Texas are super convenient to use.

If you would like to discuss what options might be best for you feel free to call us at 210-669-2940 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.