Window tint and the law in 2018

Window film is universally recognized as an amazing energy efficiency tool. It has also been recommended as a way of blocking dangerous ultraviolet light from beaming onto an unsuspecting person. Given those positive statements, it seems rather confusing that there are laws restricting the use of window film. With all of its benefits, why are there any limitations?

There apparently is no problem at all with the window film on the glass of residential homes or office buildings. The problem seems to arise with the window film or tint on the windows of cars, and there are number of reasons for this being the case. There is a possibility of criminal activity going on in a car that’s heavily tinted but safety is the more pressing issue. If the tint of the window film is too dark a driver has difficulty viewing traffic, thus increasing the potential for accidents.

Education is key when selecting window tint for a vehicle. At Fletch Window Tint we keep ourselves up to date on the latest legislation in the State of Texas affecting window tint use. This conversation is, of course, a two way street. The trucking industry has expressed concerns about glare from the sun reducing the ability of truck drivers to see the road ahead. The US Department Transportation is allowing the trucking industry to use window film in order to promote better safety for trucking, but there still are some issues. It also has to be considered that window film does block ultraviolet rays which can cause melanoma or aid in the development of cataracts.

Additionally, reputable tint companies value the business of their customers and do everything to comply with all laws. Nor do they want to do anything that might void a manufacturer’s warranty. Film installed illegally will always void the warranty. Our Ironclad No Fault Warranty offers the very best in protection, but we comply with all applicable laws so as to never jeopardize our customers safety. The International Window Film Association has recommended model legislation that can address the problem of inhibiting vision, and the same time allow for sensible levels of tinting to be permitted. The Association is in full agreement with the need to enforce any law regarding window film, and is willing to loan light meters for training purposes to any law enforcement agency.

States have their own unique laws regarding window film. It’s a good idea for any auto owner to investigate those laws prior to putting any window film on the car or truck being driven. At Fletch Window Tint we will always be happy to address all concerns and answer any questions you have.