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New Braunfels 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film

3M(tm), Safety and Security Window Film protects your commercial or business building around the clock by adding security to your most vulnerable entry points, glass doors, and windows. After impact, the film blocks flying glass. 3M safety security window films have been installed in government buildings and commercial buildings around the globe. They are scientifically proven to stop an intruder from entering for up to two minutes.

Delay Entry To Save Lives

To help combat active shooters, 3M(tm), Safety & Security Film was installed in schools and government buildings around the world. The technology is designed to keep the glass shattered together on impact. The film has been shown to delay intruders for up to two minutes. This is valuable time for people to shelter or for emergency responders to arrive.


Protecting People and Property

Many shop owners can be concerned about the safety of their stores and their customers’ safety during civil unrest. Security and safety film can be applied to windows and doors. Polyester film can also be added to cases and glass cabinets to add an extra layer of protection for people and property. Window tinting offers additional safety benefits.

Backed By Science and a Trusted Brand

The scientific validity of 3M(tm Safety and Security Film has been established. The glass has been tested against explosions, bomb blasts, seismic events, and spontaneous glass breaking. You can use the film to replace your existing glass and meet safety glazing codes. The film comes with a 3M(tm), Authorized Dealer warranty. This is one of the most trusted brands in the world.

3M™ Safety and Security Window Film

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