How to choose the right tint company?

Choose a Reliable Company

The most important thing you can do to ensure quality work is to choose a reliable company. Look for a company that is well established, Fletch Window Tint has been tinting in San Antonio since 1989! Avoid do-it-yourselfers and the craigslist crowd. Rarely will you be dealing with a company that will stand behind their work and warranty. Instead, select a company with a long history of business.

Always ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What type of guarantee do you offer? Is it a lifetime No Fault Warranty?
  • May I contact previous customers to obtain a reference?
  • Are you familiar with local tinting laws? Can you guarantee my windows will be in compliance?

In addition to these questions, you should also review a company’s website to become familiar with its products and services. Look for online reviews so you can find out whether or not others are happy with them. Finally, check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any recent complaints, and if so, to find out how they were resolved.

If possible, ask to see some vehicles that were recently completed. This will give you a general feel for what the finished product may look like. Tr to select a company that utilizes a computerized film cutting system. Some things to look for include:

  • Slits in the weather stripping alongside windows, which indicates a poor cutting job.
  • Tint that goes all the way to the edges of the windows or has only very tiny gaps.
  • Air bubbles-even very tiny ones are a problem, as they will only become more profound over time.
  • Gaps on the back windshield near the defroster bars.
  • Poor visibility, or difficulty seeing through windows.
  • Creases or scratches in film.

Look at Samples

A reputable dealer will not hesitate to show you window film samples and explain the differences between each one. Look for color consistency and the presence of metallic elements, which might weaken your radio or cell phone reception. Make sure your film selection includes the latest in film technology such as ceramic and IR heat rejecting films. Companies such as Geoshield and Hanita make great films in these classes.

Avoid shops that lure you in with a low price just to hard sell you on a more expensive product when you walk through the door. Shops should always offer high quality products with a lifetime warranty. No Fault Warranties offer you the best protection because they even cover accidental damage.

Tinted windows can either enhance your car’s appearance or greatly detract from it. Which result you achieve will largely depend on the type of shop you use. Use the screening criteria above to local the perfect shop, and you are much more likely to be satisfied with your results.