How Much Does It Cost to Tint a 4 Door Car?

how much does it cost to tint your car

Don’t you love how sleek tinted windows look on a car? Honestly, they’re stunning! If you’re thinking about tinting your 4-door vehicle, you won’t regret it. But before you delve into revamping your ride, it’s essential to understand the expenses involved. So, how much does it cost to tint your car? Well, there’s more than […]

Tint Levels for Cars

tint levels

There’s a good reason why the automotive glass film market is expected to reach $7,315.7 million in value by the year 2033. People rely on this industry to protect not only their vehicles but also themselves from the bright sun. Despite their popularity in automobiles, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding tint levels for […]

Best Tint for Car

best tint for car

Imagine driving on a scorching summer day, but you’re cool as a cucumber inside your car. No, it’s not magic; it’s the power of choosing the best tint for your car. This article dives into the nitty-gritty of car window tints, from the types available to how they offer heat reduction and privacy. Curious about […]

Window Tint Percentages

window tint percentages

Many people aren’t aware that while glass blocks most UVB rays, it doesn’t protect you from UVA rays. If you don’t have tinted windows on your vehicle, you’re not safe from the sun’s harsh radiation. You have many options for tints. If you’re not a fan of dark window tint, you can choose a different […]

Types of Window Tint

types of window tint

Are you sick and tired of having to climb into a sweltering-hot car after it has been baking out in the sun in San Antonio all day? One of the simplest ways to steer clear of having to do this is by investing in car window tint. Vehicle window tint can keep your car cool […]

How Much to Tint Car Windows

how much to tint car windows

It’s estimated that the global automotive tinting film market is worth at least $3.88 billion. When you consider how car window tints have both a functional and aesthetic appeal, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. However, knowing how much to tint car windows can often be a challenge. This is especially true if you’ve […]

The Science Behind Residential Window Film: How it Works to Protect your Interiors

Introduction to Residential Window Film Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the fascinating world of residential window film! If you’ve ever wondered how this magical invisible shield works to protect your interiors, you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s solar control, decorative designs, or safety and security that you seek, window film has […]

Introduction to 3M Window Film

Welcome to the world of 3M Window Film, where innovation meets practicality and transforms the way we experience our windows. We at Fletch Window Tint are proud to be an Authorized 3M Prestige Dealer. Whether you’re looking to enhance energy efficiency, protect against harmful UV rays, or simply add a touch of privacy and security […]

Texas Tint Laws 2022

Automotive Window Tint

Tinting your car window protects you from harmful UV rays and increases your comfort level while you drive by reducing glare. In addition, it is a deterrent to potential thieves, making it harder to see into your vehicle. There are rules around window tinting. In fact, laws governing car window tinting in San Antonio went […]

The Different Types of Commercial Window Tinting Explained

Fletch Window Tint

Considering window tint for your business? The kind of commercial window tint you select should align with your business needs and complement your interior and exterior design while also protecting your employees from harmful UV light.  Here is a quick guide on the different types of commercial window tint to help you choose what works […]