Types of Window Tint

types of window tint

Are you sick and tired of having to climb into a sweltering-hot car after it has been baking out in the sun in San Antonio all day? One of the simplest ways to steer clear of having to do this is by investing in car window tint.

Vehicle window tint can keep your car cool under even the most extreme conditions. It’s one of the biggest benefits of deciding to tint your car’s windows.

There are, however, different types of window tint you can choose for your car, and each one will work a little differently. It’ll be important for you to select the right kind of car window tint before making an investment in it. You should also hire the right company to tint your windows and buy tint made by one of the best window tint brands.

Here are several of the top types of window tint that will be available to you along with a few window tinting tips.


Of all the different types of window tint on this list, dyed window tint is probably the one that has been the most commonly used over time. It’s a type of window tint that consists of a few layers of dyed film that are tightly compressed together.

Thanks to its design, dyed window tint is able to absorb sunlight as it shines down on your car and stop it from getting inside. But one of the downsides of going with dyed window tint is that it won’t set your car up with the UV protection it needs. UV rays from the sun will still be able to work their way into your car and make it a lot warmer than you might like.

Dyed window tint might also begin to fade and become less effective if your car sits in the sun on a regular basis. It’s not a bad option for those looking for an affordable vehicle window tint. But there are better options on the market today for those looking into the various types of car window tint.


Arguably the biggest issue with dyed car window tint is that it isn’t going to help keep your vehicle cool when you have it installed. Since it’ll absorb sunlight, it’ll eventually cause the temperature inside your car to spike.

It’s why you might want to consider one of the other types of window tint. Metalized window tint, for example, will prove to be more effective when it comes to cooling off your car even when it’s sitting out in the hot San Antonio sun.

As its name would suggest, metalized car window tint contains metal microparticles that will reflect sunlight to stop it from getting into your car as opposed to absorbing it. It’ll make the interior of your car so much more comfortable than dyed car window tint will.

There are also many other advantages that will come along with choosing metalized vehicle window tint. This type of window tint can help strengthen your auto glass and make it look shinier than it would otherwise. It’ll also prove to be scratch-resistant and very durable overall.

The only big downside associated with metalized car window tint is that it can interfere with both your radio and GPS signals. This might make you wish you had gone with one of the other types of window tint.


If you like what both dyed and metalized car window tints have to offer and you can’t choose between them, hybrid vehicle window tint will provide you with the best of both worlds. This type of window tint will include several layers of dyed film with a layer of metal tucked in between them.

As a result, hybrid car window tint will reflect sunlight better than dyed window tint alone without creating too much interference when it comes to your radio and GPS signals. It’ll also come in at a price point that sits somewhere right in the middle of what dyed and metalized tints will cost.


While dyed and metalized tints have their benefits, they’re both considered to be outdated in terms of car window tinting technology. If you’d like to take advantage of one of the newer types of window tint, carbon car window tinting may be a better option for you.

Carbon car window tint has carbon fiber particles in it that will be incredibly effective as far as blocking the sun and its harmful UV rays is concerned. It also has excellent insulating properties that will keep your car nice and cool on even the hottest days in San Antonio.

Additionally, carbon car window tint won’t fade like other types of window tint will. It can be on the more expensive side compared to other options, but it’ll be well worth the cost once you see how long it can last.


Each of the types of window tint on this list will set you up with at least a few benefits. But ceramic car window tint will provide you with the most benefits of all.

For starters, ceramic car window tint is capable of blocking almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays. None of the other types of window tint will come even close to that.

Ceramic car window tint can also insulate your car better than all the other types of window tint. It’ll leave the inside of it feeling so much cooler than you could have ever anticipated.

Outside of all this, ceramic window tint will also give you the ability to enjoy all of these benefits without making your windows too dark. If you’d like to keep them on the lighter side, you’ll be welcome to do it when you select ceramic car window tint.

We’ll Provide You With the Right Types of Window Tint

As you can see, there won’t be a shortage of options when you’re shopping for different types of window tint. You should aim to pick out the best choice for your specific vehicle based on your needs.

Fletch Window Tint can provide you with 3M Ceramic Window Tint, Avery Ceramic Tint, 3M Nano-Carbon Infrared Film, and other fantastic options. We can also handle the car window film installation process from beginning to end.

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