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Enhance Privacy and Style with 3M™ Privacy Film

3M™ Privacy Films are designed to give you the privacy that you desire in a style that makes sense for your space. From 3M™ White Matte Translucent Film to 3M™ Blackout Film, we offer a variety of choices for you. Recommended for interior use only, 3M’s state-of-the-art films can be installed at the fraction of the cost of new glass.


Add Privacy In The Workplace

Some commercial spaces, including banks, retail stores and hospitals, require areas that provide additional privacy to protect employees and/or customers. 3M’s privacy film line offers a range of options that can obscure the view. Some of those options include frosted films, matte films, blackout films and mirror films. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Hide Storage Spaces in Style


Privacy films also provide opportunities to hide items in plain sight. These films are ideal for creating a storage area behind glass. Block the view completely with 3M™ Blackout Film or allow some light in with 3M™ Matte Film. 3M’s privacy films help improve a space’s aesthetics while giving you the store area that you need.


3M™ Privacy Films

  • 3M™ White Matte Translucent Film provides subtle privacy while enhancing the aesthetics of a commercial space.

  • 3M™ Blackout Film provides excellent privacy.

  • 3M™ Mirror Film provides a high reflection that gives glass a mirror-like appearance.

  • Recommended for interior use only.

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