Choosing The Best Residential Window Tinting For Your Home

What should you consider when choosing the best residential window tinting for your home?

Residential window tinting is a great investment for your home. Here in San Antonio, summer heat can be pretty intense, and residential window tinting is an investment that can pay off in many different ways. From privacy to heat rejection, there are many reasons to consider it for your home.

Since residential window film comes in a wide variety of materials, shades, and colors, deciding what film is the best for your home can be difficult.

Since 1989 we have helped thousands of customers make the right choice when considering residential window tinting for their homes. Basically, when considering which film will work the best for you there are a few basics to consider.

Heat – Glare – Privacy

The three most popular reasons why people consider residential window tinting for their home, are heat, glare, and privacy. Many films address all three. But we want to look at each issue separately, and how they can be dealt with effectively.

In San Antonio, heat is the number one reason people seek out residential window tinting. Air conditioners can have a difficult time keeping up with the heat that the sun dishes out. Window tint can be an effective solution. A very effective residential window film that we install here at Fletch Window Tint is a product called Tru Vue 15.

This amazing residential film rejects 80% of heat entering through the glass.

glass doors window tint san antonio

Privacy is another popular reason people choose residential window tinting in San Antonio. Below is a photo of an entry door that has window tint applied to it. Glass and iron doors like the ones featured here, benefit greatly from residential window tinting.

We applied Tru Vue 5% to these doors and the result was astonishing.

Residential window tinting is a great solution when looking for privacy in the home.

Glare is another problem that can be solved with expert residential window tinting. The morning sun can make that first cup of coffee a little less enjoyable. The afternoon sun can be an even bigger problem. The afternoon sun often brings heat with the glare.


The right residential window film can make a sizable difference in glare reduction. Some films like TRU VUE 15 offer as high as 53% Glare reduction. When glare is reduced our view is enhanced, and the harsh glare that can disrupt our daily activities virtually disappears.

One final thought on choosing the best residential window tinting for your home. Residential window tint can reduce energy bills as much as 30%. This means that your investment in having it installed in your home can be recouped in as little as 3 and 1/2 years!

So when it comes to residential window tinting, the only bad choice is not choosing it at all!

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