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Ceramic Window Tint Facts

Why Choose Ceramic Window Tint?

What was once a market dominated by darkness now also offers nearly invisible products that still block virtually all infrared and ultraviolet light. Ceramic window film blocks the heat but NEVER the view!

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If I have Low-E windows do I need window tint?


When shopping for windows, you will undoubtedly consider Low-E windows. Low-E,

meaning ‘low emissivity’ is an extremely thin layer of metallic particles, or more commonly several layers, applied to the glass which, in simple terms, allows the glass to act like a sieve. Long wavelengths, or heat, are filtered out, while short wavelengths (the visible light spectrum) are allowed to pass through. 

low-e windows and window film

Installing windows films that help block UV and Infrared heat provide yet another level of protection against the sun's  damaging solar rays. Carpets, blinds, and furnishings are all at exposure to fading and degrading.


Visible Light Transmission or VLT is also an energy source that window film can effectively reduce. Have you ever noticed over time your window blinds can become brittle? Well, you can thank Ultraviolet rays and heat from VLT for that! Window tint can greatly reduce both.


One of the most important things to consider is that your installer of residential window film is knowledgeable and experienced.  In the past, window film contributed to trouble with double-pane windows. The film could cause the glass to overheat and break. This flaw is not a problem with a compatible film and professional installation.

double pane glss and window film

Double-pane windows have a space between two sealed pieces of glass. Space is usually filled with a gas. If you apply the wrong film, it may cause the seal in the glass to break or the glass could shatter.                         

The problem starts if installers use inappropriate film. When the film absorbs heat, as it should, the two panes trap the heat.  Some window manufacturers will void a warranty if you install an aftermarket film.

Most of the today’s architectural window films, including the ones we install, are safe for double-pane windows. 


Since 1989 Fletch Window Tint has installed over 1 million square feet of window tint in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Feel free to call us to get our friendly advice if considering window film for your home



How much should tint cost?


That is a great question which is not easy to answer. There are so many variables like is it for commercial or residential use? Is it being installed on a vehicle? How many windows, and type?


Probably the best way to answer that question is by establishing common criteria

when comparing the cost of automotive tinting. For example; does the film come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty? If not the true cost may be hidden. Using inferior films can result in the film failing down the road. By failing we mean bubbling, peeling or turning purple. That $99 tint special will rarely offer a lifetime warranty.  

lifetime warranty window tint


Most tint shops in San Antonio charge between $140-$200 just to remove film and residual adhesive. Why? because sometimes it takes more time to remove the film                                              

and adhesive than it does to tint the vehicle in the first place.  So if you save money today, but a few years from now have to pay to have the film removed and re-tinted, then you really have not saved a penny.  So assuming you are offered a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, what type of warranty is it? Some manufacturer warranties will not cover things like discoloring or fading.  Many do not cover scratches, nicks, or other types of damage.  Some of the more reputable tint companies offer a "No Fault" warranty.

how much should window tint cost?


This special warranty covers most things that fall outside the scope of the manufacturer's warranty, things such as scratches, nicks, tears, and even film replacement in the event of glass breakage.


Then there is the question of Ceramic versus Infrared versus carbon versus metalized... etc., etc., etc.,... get the picture?


Given the outstanding performance of the newer technologies such as IR rejecting films and Ceramic films, we believe those types of films represent the smartest choice in window tint.


Now the nitty gritty, How much should window tint cost. Well, car dealerships seem to be among those that charge the highest. Some dealerships can charge as much as $800 for a 4 door car. Many are in the $500 range. Most reputable tint shops will charge $400-$500 for a 4 door car with ceramic film installed, but don't offer a "No Fault" warranty. 


So when shopping for the best value you should always specify that you want a high-quality installation, using the latest window film technology, and offering the very best warranty. Your chosen professional should always deliver those 3 things at a great price. If not...keep shopping!

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