What Are The Benefits Of Car Window Tint in San Antonio?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Are you thinking of getting tint put on your car’s windows? Read here to learn the benefits of car window tint in San Antonio that you haven’t considered.

In San Antonio, Texas, from July through August, the average daily high temperature is 95F. With about 300 days of sunshine a year, window tint in San Antonio is a must.

San Antonio ranks 23rd best place to live in the USA and 3rd best place to retire. This is partly due to the climate but it also has a lower cost of living than the national average. It is a driving city, with 91% of commuting journeys being by car, above the national average.

This is a place that values neighborliness and a reputation for being family friendly. A day out might involve a trip to the Texas Hill Country, a visit to a winery or tubing on the Guadalupe River.

Living in such a great place and with so much to enjoy in the surrounding area by car, making your car comfortable and safe is important.

Read on to learn about the benefits of car window tint in San Antonio.

Accident Protection

Window tinting involves applying a tinted film onto the surface of the glass windows of your car. Because this film is applied to the whole surface of the glass it acts as an inhibitor to the glass shattering.

If your car is involved in an accident or if an object strikes a window this film could help protect from the dangerous shattered glass. Shards of glass adhere to the film, stopping them from flying around in the interior of the car injuring the driver or passengers.

Improved Vision

Having lots of sunshine in Texas is sometimes part of the joy of living here but sun in your eyes when driving can be uncomfortable as well as a safety hazard.

Tinted windows can reduce the glare from direct sunshine. Glare from reflections off other cars, buildings or other reflective surfaces can also be a hazard, reduced by tinted windows.

Improved vision means better driving decisions and safe journeys for you, your passengers and other road users too.

Reduced Harmful UV Rays

The beautiful sunshine of Texas brings with it a hidden threat to your health. Skin cancer is increasing in the US.

Exposure to UV rays causes skin cancer and medical advice is that you should limit exposure to the sun. Wear clothing to cover skin exposed to the sun and use sunscreens with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) value of 15 or higher.

If you drive for long periods, UV light penetrates the windows of your car unless there is UV protection on the glass. Having a cool, comfortable, airconditioned environment in your car can deceive you.

You may think you are not suffering any harm from the suns rays. The UV light is still penetrating the car and damaging your skin.

You may not feel comfortable applying sun protection creams when you are traveling in a vehicle. They can feel uncomfortable and sticky against your car upholstery.

Sunlight also has an aging effect on your skin including contributing to wrinkles. Stay safe and young looking by protecting against harmful UV light.

Caring For Your Upholstery

Just as sunlight is damaging to your skin, so it also damages your upholstery and the interior of your vehicle. Little by little sunlight and heat can cause fading and surface damage to your upholstery.

Because the fading is not uniform, the resultant uneven effect makes the upholstery appear prematurely old.

Cracking, warping, and fading are reduced by applying tinting by keeping the interior cooler and reducing UV rays. For this reason, car window tint in San Antonio is as much about protecting your investment in your vehicle as anything.

Stay Cool

Not all tints are the same. They offer different levels of performance but tints can reduce the heat inside your car.

The alternative ways of reducing heat in your car include using windshield covers or hunting for shaded parking. These are not always convenient or effective.

How often have you parked in shade to discover that the sun has moved by the time you returned and your vehicle is in full sun?

I’ve already mentioned the reduced heat damage to your car interior.

Reducing the heat in your car also has benefits for you and your passengers. Getting into a hot car is very uncomfortable even if you have effective airconditioning. Airconditioning takes time to cool the car down so reducing the heat in the first place is helpful.

Once you are on your journey, having less radiated heat makes maintaining a pleasant in-car climate much easier.


Having tinted windows tends to reduce the visibility from the outside of the vehicle. This makes it harder for casual observers to see items inside the car. This reduces the temptation for opportunist thieves.

This is as relevant when traveling as when the vehicle is parked. People in other vehicles cannot see into your vehicle as easily when the windows are tinted. Passing pedestrians cannot see inside the car as easily either.


Depending on the level of tinting and which windows are tinted it can offer some privacy, especially to passengers.

There are legal restrictions on the level of tinting that can be applied to vehicles. Whatever the level, there is a feeling of security and privacy.

Looking Cool

Tinted glass can make your car look cool. Higher specification cars tend to use tinting for the safety and comfort benefits. So tinted windows tend to look upmarket.

Sleek, dark windows look very stylish and let’s face it, plain cool.

Need to Know More About Car Window Tint in San Antonio?

Not all tinted film is the same. The benefits of each type of film will vary depending on the properties of the film used. Whichever one or more of the benefits you are looking for from car window tint in San Antonio there will be a window tint solution that suits you.

It’s important to get the right product for the job and getting the right advice is key to this. Seek out a local tint shop with a good reputation, find out about your options.

For advice on car window tint in San Antonio click here.