Top 7 Reasons to Tint Your Windows

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

“One person’s car is another person’s scenery.” So said Sir Jonathan Ive, the English industrial designer, currently chief design officer for Apple. If you have thought you might tint your windows this is something to think about.

A tint certainly affects the view from inside your car but it also makes your car look great from the outside too. Expect to draw some looks of admiration.

Here are the top 7 reasons to tint your windows.

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1. A Better View

If strong sunshine is a problem in the locality in which you drive, tint your windows. You will find that being the driver or passenger is a more pleasant experience.

Bright sunshine might be pleasant to sunbathe in or for a pool party. However, it can be a hazard when driving.

Direct glare from the sun can reduce visibility significantly. Reflected glare from other surfaces such as other cars, buildings, or water can also be a problem.

Tinted windows reduce glare and thereby improve vision. A better view means improved driving and a greater chance of you, your passengers and other road users traveling safely.

2. Fewer UV Rays

UV protection is important to everybody. We know that protecting skin from UV rays is an important way of avoiding skin cancer. No parent would allow their child to be exposed to strong sunshine on the beach without applying sun protection cream.

If you are going to expose the skin to the harmful UV rays in the sunshine, medical advice is you should limit that exposure. You should wear clothing that covers the skin and sunscreen creams. Use creams with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and more.

Despite these warnings, people regularly travel on car journeys without a thought for the potential damage they are doing to their skin. Being inside a car feels like being indoors and so we don’t think about skin protection. Inside a car is not like being inside a building.

Driving or being a passenger in a car can expose you to harmful UV because the light comes in through the glass windows. Cooling the car with air-conditioning can make it feel pleasant but does not remove UV rays.

Tinted windows with UV protection work like sunscreen creams to reduce your exposure to UV rays.

3. Keep Cool

Some car window tints can reduce the heating effect of the sun. Check out the specification of the tint you are considering. Why would you want to have a tint that reduced infrared?

If you’ve ever got into a hot car that has been parked in sunshine you will know how unpleasant it is. You can run your air conditioning to cool the car down. No matter how good the air conditioning, it still takes too long.

If you look for a shady place to park you may not find one. You are not the only driver doing this. If you do find one by the time you return to the car, the sun has moved and you are roasting just the same.

Sunlight and especially heat inside your car takes its toll on the interior of your car. The faded upholstery looks old quickly, especially if the fading is uneven. Your interior can also crack, warp or age prematurely.

A cooler car is a delight to get into and it will be easier for your air conditioning system to maintain the optimum atmosphere. So stop struggling with windshield covers or searching for shady parking. Tint your windows.

4. Private Space

When you and your passengers are in your car you feel like it is a private space. It can feel like an extension of your home or office. When other people appear to be intruding on this private space it is unpleasant.

You may tint your windows to provide some privacy, especially for passengers. There are laws that restrict the level of tint you can use on car windows. Your tint shop can advise on this.

5. Reduce Shattering

If your car is involved in an accident or is hit by an object the glass can shatter. Despite modern safe glass manufacture shards of glass can fly around inside your car. This can cause injury to the car occupants.

A window tint is actually a very thin film which is applied to the surface of the glass. As it adheres to the glass it reduces the likelihood that glass splinters will become free. Less shattering means less risk of injury.

6. Stay Secure

If passers-by or other road users can easily see inside your car they may be tempted to steal items. This applies to the car when you are driving as well as when it is unattended. Tinted windows reduce visibility and temptation.

Traveling in a car using expensive equipment such as laptops, tablets, and phones are commonplace but do expose you to opportunist thieves. Wearing expensive jewelry when traveling to an event should not make you feel at risk. Reducing visibility may make you feel safer.

7. Curb Appeal

For many people, tinted windows are a sign of quality. High-end cars just look great with tinted windows. If the safety and comfort of you and your passengers are important then tint your windows for those reasons alone.

If how you look has to be stylish and refined too, then tinting your windows will also appeal to you. In the same way as a pair of sunglasses can look cool, so tinted glass on your car looks cool.

In the spirit of Sir Johnathan Ivy’s comments at the beginning of this article, your taste will be admired by those that see your car. Parked at the curb, your car has more appeal than most.

Where to Tint Your Windows

Not all car tinting services are the same. It is worth shopping around. Check reviews and guarantees.

Check the specification. What service do you need? Do you need the window tinting service to come to you at your home?

Make sure that no tint will be cut on your vehicle or windows. This can damage your car. Computer cut film set up specifically for your vehicle is much safer.

To learn more about car window tinting click here.