Texas Window Tint Laws 2018

So what’s new in Texas when it comes to window tint laws in 2018? Well, even though new laws are implemented all the time, it looks as though the Texas Legislative body has decided to leave tint laws alone.

It’s important to know the law when it comes to window tinting on your vehicle, because otherwise drivers might find themselves on the wrong side of compliance. Additionally, Texas window tint laws can be a bit confusing. So while Texas window tint laws have not changed in 2018, it’s still important to clearly understand current laws.

Something that can create confusion on Texas window tint laws is the requirement that front driver and passenger side windows must allow 25% VLT, or visible light transmission.

Weekly, we receive calls from customers who are confused by this requirement. Most people think that 25% VLT translates into 25% window tint shade, but that is not the case. 25% visible light transmission is the amount of light passing through your glass with window tint applied. So, when the glass is measured with a tint meter, the glass in combination with the tint must allow at least 25% light to transmit through the glass.

To help explain the Texas window tint laws in 2018, we have provided the following information:

  • Front doors on all vehicles must allow 25% visible light transmission
  • Rear doors and rear window can be any shade
  • Front windshield can be tinted with a clear UV rejecting CERAMIC film
  • Front windshield can have an “eyebrow” or strip across the top of the window, but must not extend past the AS1 mark

Hopefully this information keeps you on the right side of Texas window tinting laws in 2018. Fletch Window Tint is committed to keep its customers informed. We offer only the best products, coupled with expert installation techniques. Call us today at 210-669-2940 to schedule an appointment!