Texas Tint Laws 2022

Tinting your car window protects you from harmful UV rays and increases your comfort level
while you drive by reducing glare. In addition, it is a deterrent to potential thieves, making it
harder to see into your vehicle.
There are rules around window tinting. In fact, laws governing car window tinting in San
Antonio went into effect more than a decade ago. These laws, which usually stipulate how
reflective or dark window tint can be, differ from state to state. Fletch Window Tint is your
Texas window tinting expert.
What You Should Know About Window Tint Reflection and Darkness in the Lone
Star State
The legal requirements for window tinting in Texas for reflection and darkness are based on car
types: SUVs, vans, and sedans.
Regarding tint reflection, front and back side windows for vans, SUVs, and sedans should not be
more than 25% reflective. For tint darkness, front side windows and rear windows must allow no
less than 25% of light in. Any dark tint can be used for back-side windows.
Individuals who’d also like to tint their windshields can do so. The law stipulates that 25%
visible light transmission tint is allowed above the car manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
Other Regulations on Window Tinting
Under the window tint laws in Texas, amber, blue and red tint colors are not permitted for use on
windshields. Individuals who tint their rear windows are also required to have dual side mirrors.
In addition, drivers must have stickers between the film and the glass on their side window,
showing that their vehicle is legally tinted.
Do you need a darker tint for medical reasons? Texas also allows medical exemptions for special
Do you have further questions about window tinting in San Antonio, TX, contact Fletch Window
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