Residential Window Tinting In San Antonio Texas and Why It’s Needed

San Antonio is certainly a big reason the Lone Star state of Texas shines bright. From the Alamo to the Riverwalk San Antonio has a lot to offer both its residents and visitors.

One thing you can count on in San Antonio is that the summer weather can be hotter than a Jalapeno pepper. If you happen to visit our great city, or if you ae lucky enough to live here, you know that the local salsa is not the only thing that will make you sweat. From late May to mid September it can be sweltering.

Residential Window Tinting Can Keep You Cool

Homeowners in San Antonio have found that residential window tinting is a great resource for fighting the heat. Fletch Window Tint has installed window tint on San Antonio homes since 1989. In fact we have installed nearly 2 million square feet of film to date!

The Dominion

The home on the right is a home we tinted in The Dominion in San Antonio. This home received a product called TrueVue 15. This particular film rejects an amazing 80% of the suns’ energy and reduces glare by 87%!

The Dominion

The film also offers superb privacy. With this film daytime privacy is assured and night time privacy is greatly enhanced. We have installed this film on luxury homes throughout San Antonio from Alamo Heights, to Anaqua Springs… and homeowners absolutely love it!

TrueVue made by Solargard comes with a lifetime warranty and is our most popular film. The film is available in a variety of shades and is even available in a 5% which is equivalent to limo tint!

Anaqua Springs

This beautiful home in Anaqua Springs received an installation of TrueVue 40 and TrueVue 5 throughout. The homeowners were battling heat and glare.

A problem area for the homeowner was the master bedroom. The morning sun was blinding and disrupted the homeowners’ sleep. TrueVue 5 was applied in the bedroom and the glare was immediately reduced. You can see the comparison between the tinted window and the window without film applied.

Besides heat, ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on the furnishings of a home. Ultraviolet rays can break down the chemical bonds and thus fade the color(s) in an object – it is a bleaching effect. Some objects may be more prone to fading, such as dyed textiles and watercolors. Other objects may reflect the light more, which makes them less prone to fade.

But often homeowners are looking to stop the heat and UV, but preserve the view. For those customers we always recommend Ceramic Window Tint. This amazing film, while completely clear can block up to 51% of the suns’ energy.

This home in Alamo Heights was the recipient of GeoShield Iris 70. This unique film is nearly 100% clear and yet rejects up to 51% of the suns’ total energy! So this film lets the light in but blocks a tremendous amount of the heat.

So whether you are looking for a little privacy, or a way to cool down the suns blazing warmth, residential window tinting in San Antonio Texas by Fletch Window Tint always makes sense!

To find out how we can make your life more comfortable with Residential Window Tint contact us today!