Is Mobile Window Tint A Smart Choice?

Window tint has come a long way. From the old single ply dye based films to the latest nano-ceramic technologies, window film has seen great advancement in terms of technology and performance. One thing that has not changed though is the need for an excellent professional installation.

mobile tint installation

In fact while heat shrinking techniques, and cutting techniques have evolved, a good quality installation relies an expert application of the film. While many shops utilize a computerized cutting system to perfectly cut the film to the windows specifications, a successful installation always depends on an experienced installation technician.

Some window tint companies will try to lure customers in the door with a low price. The $99 special is often used to bait customers into the shop and then the tint shop will try to “switch” a customer away from the lower priced tint, in an effort to sell them a higher priced product. Another tactic is to attempt to up sell the customer on all kinds of “extras”, that normally come standard with a quality window tint installation.

Some years back I decided to do some covert research on a local competitor in San Antonio. I walked into a tint shop which was part of a larger local chain and asked “how much to get my windows tinted?”

The person helping me quoted me a fairly low price, which I found surprising. Then he went on to explain that if I wanted a darker shade of tint that would be extra, also if I wanted a “one piece” back window, that would be extra, also a micro gap along the edge of the window… you guessed it, that would also be extra. So some shops will work hard to get you in the door, where the hard selling can take place.

Mobile window tint is different though. Most mobile window tint services will quote you accurate pricing up front, with no surprises when they show up to do the installation. Also, a quality installation will ALWAYS include the “extras” that some unscrupulous tint shops try to charge you for. At Fletch Window Tint, we will never up charge you for things like darker shades, or quality work. We always deliver quality work on every installation,

bored at the tint shop

Without question, the best thing about mobile window tinting is you never have to waste time at the tint shop! Convenience is the #1 reason people opt for mobile window tint.

With mobile window tinting, you should always get up front pricing and warranty information. Also, a quality installation should always be expected with any window tint job.

At Fletch Window Tint we have been providing mobile window tinting in San Antonio since 1989 for major car dealerships. Our installers specialize in expert mobile window tinting. In fact we helped pioneer it in San Antonio.

So if you are looking for an expert window tint job, with the added convenience of having it done at your home or office, call the local window tint experts… Fletch Window Tint!