Fletch Window Tint Named 2019 3M New Prestige Dealer of The Year

It was an exciting night for Fletch Window Tint at the 2020 3M National Prestige Dealers Conference.

The 2020 3M National Prestige Dealers Conference in Puerto Rico was a fantastic event. The event brought in Prestige Dealers from across the United States to learn the latest news and announcements pertaining to the window film industry.

The conference opened with an awards banquet that brought out the “island flavor” of the attendees with a recommended “island attire”.

Fletch Window Tint owners, Kevin and Sally Fletcher were quite surprised to be honored with 2019 New Dealer of The Year. Quite an honor considering it was just the company’s first year as a 3M dealer.

3M did a great job of providing educational workshops and demonstrations. New products were released, and dealers were excited to see the direction that the company is taking.

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