7 Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Why is home window tinting a good idea? There are actually quite a few reasons.

When thinking about tinting, car window tinting probably springs to mind. This is a popular auto feature, but it is restricted in use by law.

That’s not the case with residential tinting. It’s your property, and you can do with it as you please.

It’s not just about exercising freedom of choice though.

Here’s are 7 reasons why you should choose to go ahead with home window tinting.

1. Save on Your Energy Bills With Home Window Tinting

Home window tinting can save you lots of cash year on your energy bills.

On average, a home will lose 10% of its heat through the windows.

That is going to account for a big part of your bill. And your heating and air conditioning will work hard to keep your house the right temperature, leading to faster wear and tear.

The film we use acts as an extra layer of insulated. This helps to keep heat in during the cold of winter. And the cold in during the heat of summer.

Your HVAC system gets a well-deserved break, and you enjoy a more comfortable temperature in your home. And don’t forget you’ll save cash too!

2. Glare Reduction

Allowing a good amount of sunlight into your home is nice.

But direct glare from the sun through your windows can be really strong. It’s annoying and unpleasant, and depending on how your furniture is laid out it may be impossible to escape.

If you’re using a computer, the reflection of this glare on your screen can also cause headaches.

But who wants to draw the curtains in the middle of the day? Home window tinting can reduce glare by up to 87%.

So you can carry on chilling out, watching television, or working on the computer without so much glare from the sun.

3. Blocks Out UV Rays

Glare isn’t only about eye comfort. UV rays can be harmful to your skin, and especially to your children’s skin.

If you’re sitting still in your house, it’s still possible to get sunburnt as the sun shines through the window. A regular window offers little protection against this.

And it’s not just your skin at risk. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that UV rays contribute to the development of premature skin aging and cataracts, as well as cancers.

But who’s going to walk around the house with suncream on?

Instead, choose residential window tinting. This protects your family from harmful UV rays.

4. Protect Your Furniture

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a great new sofa, in a color you love.

You take it home, place it in the sitting room and chill out. You’re probably not thinking about it at this point, but constant exposure to the sun will lead to fading and damage.

It’s not just your sofa which is prone to this. Wooden flooring, paintings, and rugs can all be affected.

Don’t let the sun ruin your home! Home window tinting protects your furniture so you can enjoy it for longer.

5. Home Window Tinting Means That You Enjoy Better Privacy

Window tinting makes it harder to see into your home. Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to see out without a problem.

This means that home window tinting is a great choice for anyone concerned about their privacy.

It’s particularly useful if your home isn’t far from a street or sidewalk, and you’re concerned about people casually – or purposefully – glancing in.

You can also pick decorative films to add a bit of character to your home. So it’s not just a functional choice.

6. Acts as a Deterrent to Criminals

There are some people you really don’t want looking through the windows.

Home window tinting makes it much harder to see inside your property, as we’ve said above.

Another angle on this, beyond the better enjoyment of privacy, is that criminals won’t be able to check out your new TV or video games console.

If they don’t know what’s inside, they can’t weigh up the risk and reward ratio. As far as they know, there might be nothing of value inside. So taking the risk doesn’t make sense.

This is why window tinting is a strong deterrent for criminals. But certain types of window tint – when properly installed – can also hold the glass in place for longer if someone is trying to force their way in.

This gives the police more time to respond, and will hopefully make the burglar think twice about their attempted entry to your property.

7. Creates ‘Smash Proof’ Windows

If your windows are accidentally (or otherwise) damaged, that’s never great news.

But window tinting film will help to hold the sheet of glass together so that if it falls, it should be far less dangerous and scatter less pieces.

This will help to keep you and your family protected from injuries after an unfortunate event like this.

I Want Home Window Tinting!

We hope that this guide has informed you of all the major reasons why people choose window tinting at home.

But there are many other reasons we’d be happy to discuss with you. And we’d love to help you select window tinting suitable for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

While you’re here though, there are two key other uses for window tinting you should know about.

We’ve already mentioned that automotive window tinting is quite popular. But some businesses also choose to install window tinting on commercial premises.

This helps productivity, as the staff is in a more comfortable working environment. And helps to keep confidential work more confidential.

If you’d like to discuss any other use of window tinting film, we’re here waiting for your call.